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Volumetric Labware Labels

Temperature Range: -196ºC to +80ºC

GA International introduces a specially designed, unique label for practical and safe identification of volumetric labware such as volumetric flasks (25ml up to 2,000 ml), graduated measuring cylinders (10ml up to 100ml), graduated mixing cylinders, narrow neck Erlenmeyer flasks (25, 50 and 100ml), narrow neck round-bottom flasks, as well as distilling flasks.

Composed of two individually printable, foldable flaps and a clear, adhesive-free tail, the label is designed to wrap-around the object to be labelled, with the transparent tail being securely fastened between the two printable flaps. This allows the label to be firmly applied to a variety of different size flasks and cylinders, and their unique flag design ensures they do not obstruct your view of the graduations or contents. With only the adhesive-free loop coming into contact with the labware, there is no glue residue left behind, simplifying cleanup and reuse. To remove the label, simply tear the clear loop at any of the specially designed perforations lines.

These flask labels allow you to quickly and easily identify your flasks with the name of the buffer, reagent or solution being prepared along with any other necessary information such as date, laboratory location, company information, etc. The labels can be printed with most thermal transfer printers, but also accept writing with markers. Durable and waterproof, the labels can withstand a wide range of temperatures, perfectly suited for cold storage as well as heated distilling protocols.

Compatible with all major thermal transfer barcode printer brands (Zebra, Datamax O’Neil, Sato, CAB, Intermec, Monarch/Paxar, CognitiveTPG, Printronix, Brady selected models and more) and are supplied on 1 and 3-inch cores. When printed with our XAR-class of xylene resistant resin ribbons, the printout obtained is also resistant to chemical spraying and swabbing.


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