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Steam Sterilization Indicator

GA International once again revolutionizes the sample and container identification field with the introduction of its autoclave resistant steam sterilization indicator thermal transfer barcode labels. These labels combine two unique features that were done separately before; 1) They are printable with sharp and smudge-proof serialized text and barcodes, 2) Are coated with an indicator strip that noticeably changes color when the labels have been autoclaved. Ideal for the identification of plastic, glass and metal surfaces, and can be used to label plasticware, glassware, surgical instruments and trays, double-blister packs and more. Waterproof and resistant to abrasion, the labels can withstand temperatures up to +150°C (30 psi pressure), and gamma irradiation (up to 50 KGy).

These permanent autoclave resistant labels have been designed with a sterilization indicator strip at the bottom of the label. This strip, coated with special ink, is sensitive to temperature and the presence of saturated steam, and will turn charcoal grey when exposed to the intense heat of a steam autoclave. The color changing strip will allow you to quickly and easily identify if material has in fact been autoclaved, without the need to use additional autoclave sterilization tape.

These sterilization indicator labels are supplied in roll format, on 1” and 3” cores, and are compatible with all major brands of thermal transfer barcode printers.

*Steam sterilization indicator labels are not intended for use as sterility indicators, but rather as identification of items that have passed through an autoclave cycle. Indicator strip is used to monitor exposure to steam sterilization processes.

*Labels are not suitable for chemical exposure as indicator strip might be removed by rubbing with harsh chemicals and solvents.


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