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AUA - Solvent Resistant Color Labels

GA International offers a line of solvent and chemical resistant thermal transfer labels. These chemical resistant labels are provided in a variety of colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc.), and are ideally suited for the identification of containers exposed to harsh chemicals and solvents, including xylene, toluene, acetone, paint thinners, oils, commercial cleaners and window cleaners. These labels can withstand immersion in xylene and 91 Octane gasoline for up to 15 minutes without detaching, fading or smudging. Resistant to continuous wiping and rubbing with 100% DMSO as well as surface sanitizing wipes such as Sani- Wipe™, Eco-Wipe™ and Eco-Wipe™ Duo.

The labels are well suited for glass bottles and beakers used to store harsh solvents, as well as any other containers or lab material that will come in contact with abrasive chemicals, including microscope slide boxes, cell culture plates, plastic flasks and metal or plastic chemical drums. Our color, solvent resistant, labels allow for color-coding and easy identification thanks to their unique coating, allowing for optimal chemical resistance as well as high quality printing of alphanumeric text, 1D and 2D barcodes.

These extra-durable labels can be printed with all major brands of thermal transfer printers; in order to obtain a chemical resistant printout, we highly suggest using our XAR-class of solvent-resistant ribbons.

These labels are resistant to standard ethylene oxide gas sterilization, consisting of a 60-minute exposure to 759 mg/L of ethylene oxide gas, at 55oC, and 40-80% relative humidity, followed by a two-hour aeration cycle.

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