Volumetric Labware Thermal Transfer Labels – 1.96″ x 5.95″ #VFL-1NOT

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Volumetric Labware Thermal Transfer Labels

Size: 1.96″ x 5.95″ / 50mm x 151mm
Printable area: 1.96″ x 1.38″ / 50mm x 35mm
Label across: 1
Color: White
Labels/roll: 250 or 500
Core: 1″ or 3″ / 25mm or 76mm
Perforation: Yes
Mark: Notch

Labels designed for practical and safe identification of volumetric labware such as volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, narrow neck flasks, as well as distilling flasks. These flask labels allow you to quickly and easily identify your flasks with the name of the buffer, reagent or solution being prepared. The labels can be printed with most thermal transfer printers, but also accept writing with markers. When printed with our recommended XAR-class of ribbons, the printout obtained is also resistant to exposure to solvents and other chemicals. Durable and waterproof, the labels can withstand a wide range of temperatures (-196°C to +80°C / -320°F to +176°F ), perfectly suited for cold storage as well as heated distilling protocols.


  • Safely and securely label volumetric labware.
  • Adhesive-free, clear wrap-around tail allows various size flasks to be labeled without obscuring the graduations or contents.
  • Withstand a wide range of temperatures (-196°C to +80°C / -320°F to +176°F ).
  • Printable with most thermal-transfer barcode printer brands.

Xylene Resistant Resin Ribbons: XAR-CLASS


Shipping Weight

0.5 lbs

0.227 kg

Core Size

1", 3"

25.4 mm, 76.2 mm

Qty / UOM

250, 500



49.8 mm



151.1 mm


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