Paper Labels for Thermal-Transfer Printers – 1″ x 0.5″ #GPA-280

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Please note that GPA labels will be available until clearance of remaining stock. They will be replaced by GPB labels which have the same adhesion and printout properties.

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Paper Labels for Thermal-Transfer Printers

Size: 1″ x 0.5″ / 25.4mm x 12.7mm

Label across: 3

Available colors: White

Labels/roll: 3,000 or 6,000

Core: 1″ or 3″ / 25mm or 76mm

Perforation: Yes

General use paper labels for thermal-transfer printers. Coated with a permanent adhesive and provided in a range of colors, they are ideal for use as shipping labels, color coding, price tagging, warehouses, logistics, and sorting facilities as well as general office and laboratory organization.


  • For general office and laboratory organization, warehouses and shipping facilities
  • Strong adhesive ensures labels won’t wrinkle or flag
  • Available in a wide range of colors, for color coding and easy identification
  • Printable with all major thermal transfer barcode printers
  • Resistant to gamma irradiation (tested to up to 50kGy)

*Not recommended for cryogenic use


Core Size

1", 3"

25.4 mm, 76.2 mm

Qty / UOM

3000, 6000

Printing Method Thermal-Transfer


25.4 mm



12.7 mm


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