Solid Ink Water-Resistant Big Tip Marker#CW-1A (Assorted)

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Cryo-Marker™ – Big Tip Marker

Assorted colors: Fluo Orange, Fluo Yellow, Fluo Pink, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Black, Yellow (1 marker per color, 10 colors in total)

Instructions: Discard protective inner cap. Twist end of the barrel to advance. The point will not retract.

Thermal resistance of ink: From -196°C to + 200°C (-320°F to + 392°F)

This solid ink cryogenic marker has a big tip, perfect for clearly marking various surfaces, dry in 5-7 minutes. Permanent, fade-resistant, and waterproof when dry, our cryo markers can be used to identify containers directly or used on writable LabTAG label products at room temperature before storing them in liquid nitrogen (-196°C) or deep freeze (-80°C) storage conditions. Easy to use, the marker should be recapped after use. Sold in an assorted color pack of 10 permanent markers.


  • Big Tip, water-resistant marker
  • Excellent performance on most surfaces
  • Compatible with Lab-Tag™ labels from GA International Inc.


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