LabJar™ – Laboratory Bottle and Jar Opener #JBO-1-3

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SKU: JBO-1-3
Brand: LabJar™


LabJar™ – Laboratory Bottle and Jar Opener

Size: 6” x 4” / 152.4mm x 101.6mm

Color: White

Quantity: 1 pack of 3

LabJar™ is a soft yet firm, ergonomic, cushioned pad that offers extra gripping power to help your gloved or ungloved hands open bottles, tubes, and jars (wet, cold, or hot). It provides an easy way to open containers such as autoclaved cell media bottles, stoppered flasks, sealed reagents, bacteria growth media bottles, and other tightly closed or hard-to-open containers. It affords handling protection against hot labware or can be used to protect sensitive surfaces such as benchtops from hot containers. LabJar is also a great convenience/help for unsealing instruments such as centrifuge rotor lids.


  • Hand washable
  • Easy to clean up with sanitizing alcohol wipes, 70% alcohol
  • Durable and perfect for routine lab use


Brand:   LabJar™

Frequently asked questions

Place LabJar over the bottle, tube, flask, and centrifuge rotor lids and twist with gloved or ungloved hands. Its soft, pliable design affords extra gripping power resulting in effortless laboratory container opening.

Yes, LabJar can be used to facilitate the application of small dot PikaTAG-compatible labels using the PikaTAG® label applicator. In addition, it affords handling protection against hot, cold, or wet labware and/or devices. Moreover, it can also be used as a coaster to protect sensitive surfaces when placed underneath hot bottles or other labware.

Yes, LabJar can be washed with warm, soapy water.  It is also resistant to cleaning with sanitizing alcohol wipes and 70% alcohol.

No, LabJar is currently offered only in white and in 4” x 6”.


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