DYMO-Compatible Water Dissolvable Paper Labels – 1.125″ x 3.5″#EDWD-020WH

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Please note: Templates for our DYMO-compatible labels are available for the DYMO Connect and DYMO Label Software (Mac and Windows). For optimal compatibility, we recommend using the latest version of the software.

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Water Dissolvable DTermo™ – DYMO-Compatible Paper Labels

Size: 1.125″ x 3.5″ / 28.6 x 89mm

Labels across: 1

Labels/roll: 350

Available colors: White

Adhesive: Water dissolvable

Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

These practical paper labels are made from a unique material that allows the label to be removed easily by exposing the labeled container to water. Affixed labels begin to disintegrate upon becoming wet, with simple hand or mechanical rubbing, dissolving into the washing solution as a fine clump-free slurry that can be easily flushed down drain systems. Water can also be used to saturate labels on static surfaces before being wiped off.

DYMO-compatible dissolvable paper labels are the perfect time-saving solution for labeling surfaces and containers subject to frequent washing, requiring no additional effort to remove. These labels are ideal for laboratories, medical facilities, food service areas, animal facilities, as well as beauty, educational, and recreational areas.

Compatible with DYMO LabelWriter printers, these labels provide a crisp, clean printout that will remain durably affixed to bottles, plasticware, instruments, and other containers or surfaces.  As such, DYMO-Compatible Dissolvable Labels avoid the hassle of removing labels by hand from labware that is subject to frequent cleaning and relabeling. This eliminates the need for scraping with unsafe sharp instruments or chemicals to remove the labels. Simply wash them off, and relabel, to maintain a fresh-looking appearance.


  • Fully disintegrate upon exposure to water, leaving no paper or adhesive residue
  • Compatible with all DYMO® LabelWriters®
  • Convenient to print, no need for ribbons or other ink sources


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our paper DTermo™ labels do not require a ribbon to print. They are a class of direct thermal labels, in which a printout is achieved by simply applying heat to the label surface using a heated printhead.

Yes, these labels are designed specifically to work with DYMO LabelWriter printers. For more information regarding our DYMO-compatible solutions, see here.

No, our DYMO-compatible labels work with LabelWriter DYMO printer models that do not require a cartridge. Namely the LabelWriter 450, 450Turbo, and the 4XL models.

No, though DTermo labels are classified as direct thermal labels, they cannot be printed with traditional direct thermal printers. They are designed to work specifically with DYMO printers and only with DYMO printers.

Yes, water dissolvable DTermo labels will be fully removed during a standard dishwasher cleaning cycle. This is an efficient way to clean your labware while also removing unwanted labels.

No, as the labels disintegrate when wet, this eliminates the need to scrape labels with unsafe, sharp instruments or scrub them using harsh chemicals.

Once a water dissolvable label becomes wet, it will dissolve into the wash solution as a fine clump-free slurry that can be safely flushed down drainage systems.

Yes, our Freezer-DTermo™ labels are available in a clear format for labeling containers without obscuring their contents.

Yes, we offer a line of DYMO-compatible paper labels that are ideal for all general use applications, including office work, such as filing.

No, these labels are intended to temporarily label labware and other containers that will undergo frequent washing. For DTermo labels with a permanent adhesive, try our EDY-class of paper labels.

Even though nearly identical in appearance, unlike our regular DYMO-compatible paper labels, these labels are specially formulated to quickly and thoroughly disintegrate upon exposure to water.

DYMO LabelWriter barcoding software can be used to create templates that conform to the size of your label. You can then insert design elements within the template for easy printing. Preconfigured templates for all of our DYMO-compatible can be found here.

You can download the DYMO LabelWriter software by visiting the DYMO website. Software and drivers for either PC or Mac are available for download.

No, our water dissolvable paper labels provide a crisp, clean printout. For optimal print quality, ensure your settings are properly set.

Yes, these labels’ adhesive is FDA compliant for indirect food contact so they can be used for food packaging, holding, and transportation.