Destructible Cryogenic Tape – 0.75″ / 19mm Wide#DST-19

$63.90 usd

Please note that DST tapes are in the process of being discontinued; available until stock lasts. They will be replaced by the DSTA-class which have the same adhesion, cryogenic, tamper evident as well as writable properties.

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C-Kur™ – Destructible Cryogenic Tape

1″ Core Size: 0.75″ x 50′ / 19mm x 15m

3″ Core Size: 0.75″ x 100′ / 19mm x 30m

Color: White

Core: 1″ or 3″ / 25mm or 76mm

Temperature range: From -196°С to +100°C (Dry heat)

Continuous, tamper-evident destructible cryogenic tape for sealing ultra-low temperature freezer and cryo containers such as cryovials, cryo/freezer boxes, cryo cassettes, and tubes. The tape will destruct upon any attempt to remove from most surfaces, indicating if contents have been compromised. Durable and waterproof, the tape is easily writable with our cryogenic markers and suitable for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), laboratory freezers (-80°C) and for transportation on dry ice.


  • The tamper-evident seal ensures any attempt to open the container will be noticed
  • Able to withstand immersion in liquid nitrogen and deep-freeze storage conditions
  • Continuous tape format allows you to use as much or little as necessary
  • Writable with our cryogenic permanent markers


Shipping Weight

0.15 lbs

0.068 kg

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.375 × 2.375 × 0.875 in

60.3 x 60.3 x 22.2 mm

Core Size

1", 3"

25.4 mm, 76.2 mm

Tape Width


Tape Height




Metal Racks






Plastic Bags


Low Temperature


Solvent Chemical Resistant


Ultra Low Temperature 196c


Tamper Evident


Frozen Vials




19.1 mm


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, C-Kur™ tape is writable using cryo markers, and can not be printed. For printable cryogenic destructible solutions, we suggest Cryo C-KurTAG™.

Yes, C-Kur tape can withstand temperatures as low as -196°C, and is well suited to long-term storage in low-temperature freezers, and liquid nitrogen tanks.

No, C-Kur destructible tape is best applied at room temperature. For labeling already frozen containers, we recommend TEQ-class tape, a line of cryogenic tamper-evident tape especially designed for that purpose.

No, our destructible tape is not available in color. For tamper-evident tape available in a variety of colors, click here.

No, C-Kur tape is coated with a permanent adhesive, and is designed to destruct upon any attempt to remove it, indicating if contents have been compromised.

Yes, our C-Kur tape is supplied on a liner, designed for residue-free removal, and easy peeling.

No, C-Kur tape is not intended to be cut by hand. We suggest using a tape dispenser or scissors to cut the required length of tape.

Yes, we have a selection of tape dispensers, that accommodate tapes of various widths, have a built in liner remover, as well as multiple tapes at once.

Yes, our C-Kur tape is available in other widths.

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