Cryogenic Labels for Inkjet Printers – 2″ x 3″ #ADA-60

$128.80 usd

For Primera LX500 and LX500C models, please select 2” core.

Please note that the ADA-Class of labels will be discontinued upon clearance of remaining stock. Please contact us for any inquiries about this family of products and alternatives.



Cryo-JetTAG™ – Cryogenic Labels for Inkjet Printers

Size: 2″ x 3″ / 50.8mm x 76.2mm

Labels across: 1

Color: White

Labels/roll: 500 or 1,000

Core: 1″, 2″, or 3″ / 25mm, 50.8mm, or 76mm

Perforation: Optional

Temperature range: From -196°C to +100°C

Print eye-catching color logos, graphics, images and data on our versatile Cryo-JetTAG™ labels. These cryogenic labels are designed to identify cryovials, tubes, plastic bags, freezer boxes, plates, and other containers. Ideal for storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C / -320.8°F) and laboratory freezers (-80°C / -112°F), and can withstand exposure to water, alcohol, xylene, acetone and other harsh chemicals. Available in roll format and can be printed with inkjet as well as thermal transfer printers; They can also be written on with ballpoint pens, cryogenic markers and ink stamped without smudging.


  • Resist extreme cryogenic temperatures (-196°C in liquid phase and vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen)
  • Print eye-catching color logos, graphics, images and data
  • Resist spraying and wiping with ethanol and surface sanitizing wipes
  • Require zero cure time, can be immersed in liquid nitrogen directly following application)

Compatible with EPSON C3500, C7500, PRIMERA LX500, LX500C, LX900, LX910, LX2000, Kiaro QL-120, and Kiaro D printer models.


Core Size

2", 1", 3"

50.8 mm, 25.4 mm, 76.2 mm

Qty / UOM

1000, 500


Yes, No


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