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Healthcare Labels

To better serve the fast-paced medical environment, GA international now offers a new line of healthcare labels to help communicate everything from patient information and treatment reminders to drug and safety warnings. We provide label solutions that will help save time, reduce errors and improve productivity, all while improving patient safety not only in hospitals and clinics but also in long term care, nursing care and retirement homes.

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving field, with continual advancements in medical equipment, pharmaceutical interventions and patient treatment methods. Regardless of these changes however, the proper identification of patients, drugs and hospital equipment remains an integral aspect of providing appropriate care to patients. For two decades now, we have been developing and manufacturing labels to help facilitate and streamline the identification process. In doing so, our labels have also evolved with the industry, as we provide labels with 1D and 2D barcodes, for more secure identification, labels that can withstand harsh conditions, including extremes temperatures and chemical exposure, often used in the sterilization process, and tamper-proof labels to ensure the security of your samples. We also have a new line of small, flexible, RFID labels, that will further allow for fast and secure tracking and identification of patients, medication and equipment. Furthermore, we offer extensive custom manufacturing options. Regardless of your specific needs, we have the expertise, experience and know-how to help you chose and design the labels that will best suit your application.

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