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Dymo Labeling Solutions

The fast, reliable way to barcode

DYMO LabelWriters are small desktop printers that are quick and easy to set up. Using direct thermal printing technology, they require no additional inks or ribbons to print. Provided with their own free software for printing 1D and 2D barcodes, they are the ideal choice for labs and clinics that require an effective labeling system at an affordable price. GA International offers DYMO-compatible labels for different applications in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.


General Use Labels

Intended for use at ambient temperature, these permanent labels are ideal for the identification of cardboard boxes, paperwork, folders, plastic and glass labware, plastic bags and more. These general use labels are perfectly suited for color-coding and to help keep you organized.

Cryogenic Labels

These DYMO-compatible labels are designed for long-term storage and cryo-preservation in liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen, laboratory freezers, and transportation on dry ice. Available in various sizes, they are perfectly suited for the identification of microtubes, cryovials, microplates, freezer boxes, plastic bags, and other containers.



Cryogenic & Chemical Resistant Labels

These labels are durable and waterproof and are perfectly suited for use in cryogenic conditions, from liquid phase liquid nitrogen to freezers, and dry ice, they can readily withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, they resist direct contact in harsh chemicals, oils, detergents, thinners and surface cleaners, immersion (up to 3 min) in alcohols, including ethanol and isopropanol, and xylene, as well as spraying and swabbing with acetone and sanitizing wipes such as Sani-Wipe Eco-Wipe.

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DYMO Label Software

DYMO Label software is included for free with every LabelWriter printer and is compatible with PC and Mac. The software is user-friendly and will allow you to import data from excel, print barcodes, and format text. The software comes pre-loaded with over 100 pre-designed label layouts, which can be further customized with graphics and logos. The integrated quick print widget allows you to print a single label quickly and easily. Labtag offers free, downloadable templates for the DYMO Label Software with each label size and configuration.

DYMO Printing Kits

GA International offers DYMO LabelWriter printing kits to help simplify your label printing needs. These reasonably priced bundles come with the DYMO LabelWriter 450 or 450 turbo printer and 2 rolls of DYMO-compatible labels of your choice. Ideal for small labs and start-ups on a budget, requiring a minimal amount of labelling.


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