DiTi™️ 203iD 

The New Direct Thermal Printer by GA International

  • Accepts label rolls up to 3.54″ wide
  • Free barcoding software for designing labels
  • 203 dpi print resolution
  • USB

$120.00 usd


*Printer comes with a North American power cord and adapter (European or UK power cord is included accordingly). Other country-specific power cords may be purchased locally and separately

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*Printer comes with a North American power cord and adapter (E ... Read more



The DiTi 203iD, the new direct thermal printer from GA International, can print our growing line of direct thermal labels designed for various applications throughout the lab, as well as thermal labels from other third-party manufacturers, without the need for additional ink sources. Small and lightweight, the DiTi 203iD printer can be easily moved and set up anywhere in the lab, with an easy loading design for quick roll replacement.

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What’s in the Box

  • DiTi 203iD printer
  • Power cord*
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Flash drive with software and printer driver installation instructions

*The product includes a North American, European, or UK power cord and adapter. Other country-specific power cords may be purchased locally and separately.


Direct Thermal Cryo Labels
DiTi 203iD Printing Kit

Technical Specifications

Print Method: Direct Thermal

Print Resolution: 203 dpi

Interfaces: USB, Serial

Print Speed: up to 4 inch/s (102mm/s)

Max. Print Width: 3.35” (85mm)

Max. Print Length: 11.8” (300mm)

Label Height: Min 0.59”(15mm)/ Max 11.8” (300mm)

Media Types: Continuous, gap (die-cut), black marked, notch, fanfold

Media Width: Min 1” (25.4mm)/Max 3.54” (90mm)

Media Roll Core Size: 1″ (25.4mm)

Media Maximum Roll OD: 3.54″ (90mm)


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the DiTi™️ 203iD is a direct thermal printer and, as such, does not require an ink ribbon or any other source of ink to print. Please contact our technical support team with any questions you may have.

This printer can print various types of direct thermal labels and tags. Please contact our technical support team if you would like to receive further information on if a specific label can be used with this printer.

No, this printer can use labels on a 1” (25.4 mm) cardboard or plastic core.

No, the DiTi contains no DRM technology and can be used with direct thermal labels from various third-party manufacturers.

No, the label detection system works differently from that present in a DYMO printer. The DiTi™️ 203iD can use labels with either a gap, a notch, or a black mark, while the DYMO relies on a combination of a notch and black mark for label detection.

Yes, the printer has an opening in the back to allow feeding of labels from an external source in case you would like to use larger label rolls.

We do not recommend exceeding 500 printed labels per day with this model. Please contact our technical support team if you need a recommendation for a printer that can print more labels than that daily.

No, this printer does not contain an RFID encoder. Please contact our technical support team in case you are looking for a label printer with RFID encoding capabilities.

No, standard shipping labels have a size of 4’’ x 6’’ (101.6 mm x 152.4 mm). However, the maximum print width of the DiTi printer is only 3.54’’ (80 mm).

This issue can be addressed by increasing the heat transferred to the label. Please refer to the manual to learn more. Please contact our technical support team if you require further assistance.

The printer will do a quick auto-calibration once the lid is closed. However, you can manually calibrate the printer if needed. To do so, please press and hold the feed button until the LED turns from blue to green twice and reverts back to blue.

This printer comes standard with an UltraLite version of BarTender™, which allows for basic functionality such as manual data entry or data serialization. Please contact our technical support team to inquire about the full-feature versions of BarTender.

The LED light on the front of the printer indicates its status. Please refer to the manual to see the meaning of the various LED colors or why the LED is blinking.

The DiTi™️ 203iD printer can be used on Windows® 7 and higher (32 or 64-bit), Mac OS®, and Linux. Please note that the printer comes with software only compatible with the Windows operating system.