Plant Growing & Breeding Labels

We provide labels specifically designed for the identification of plants that will remain securely attached and legible. Our durable HerbaTAGTM labels allow you to identify individual plants, making them ideal for both large and small horticulture operations. Our plant labels are also perfectly suited for breeding unique plant strains. We also provide durable and waterproof labels that can be applied to pots.

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Cannabis Testing Labels

Once cannabis plants have been collected, they require quality control testing to confirm their pharmacological potency. Accurate testing is critical for both medicinal and recreational cannabis, as THC and CBD levels can vary widely between batches of the same strain. The most common testing method uses high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). As such, we provide durable labels that will adhere to small-diameter, clear and low-adsorption (LA) 1.5ml and 2ml glass vials, and can resist spraying and wiping with alcohols such as ethanol, methanol, and Isopropanol. They are also suitable for autosampler vials. Our thermal-transfer printable labels will also withstand deep-freeze conditions, making them the perfect choice for samples that need to be stored in lab freezers before or after testing.

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Packaging & Compliance Labels

We also provide labeling solutions for the packaging and shipping of your cannabis products. We offer a wide selection of labels that conform to a variety of surfaces, including plastic bags, tubes, jars, and bottles, all of which may be used to store dried flowers, tinctures, oils, or pre-rolled products. We also have tamper-evident labels for bags and jars to provide additional security and to ensure that they remain in compliance with both local and federal regulations. Cannabis warning and compliance labels are also available for your products and shipping containers.


Additional Services

As a manufacturer of custom labels, we provide unique labels and tags upon request. This includes custom printing services with colorful designs, company logos, and state and region-specific symbols, as well as custom manufacturing of specialized labels. We also provide printers, ribbons, scanners, and labeling software.

GA International also offers labels with unique branding and packaging solutions to improve the commercialization of your products. Contact our expert support team today to find out how we can help.