Self-laminating calibration labels

Our removable and permanent self-laminating calibration labels are designed to reliably record inspection and calibration data on equipment and instruments used in various industries.

Data can be inscribed on the base label followed by pressing down the laminating part. The resulting laminated label offers a clear view of the written data, while also providing physical protection against various abuses.


Different types of calibration labels can be produced, from different materials. In order to best suit end-user needs and environments, we can provide CalTAG™ labels designed to withstand:

  • Extra-high temperatures up to 600ºC
  • Autoclave and dry-heat sterilization (up to +150ºC)
  • Low temperatures (from +4ºC to-20ºC )
  • Freezer storage (-40ºC, -60ºC, -80ºC, -120ºC)
  • Liquid nitrogen storage (as low as -196ºC)

Waterproof, weatherproof and wear and tear proof, they can also resist chemicals, wide temperature ranges, cryogenics, gamma irradiations, harsh exterior environments (from the Arctic cold to African desert heat), direct sunlight, snow, rain, and water immersion.

Ideal for use on pharmaceutical and biotechnology related equipment, oil and gas production equipment and pipelines, electrical installation, electronic components and in many other industries.

We can produce custom-made CalTAG™ according to specific requirements and for specific applications. We can print company logos, graphics, text, barcodes, and any other information in any color or format, according to specifications.



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