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AYA - XyliTRANS™ Labels



XyliTRANS™ transparent chemical resistant labels for identification of vials, cassettes, paraffin blocks, microscope slides and other containers. These clear xylene-resistant labels are coated with a strong permanent adhesive able to withstand the harshest environments. When printed with our XAR-class solvent-resistant ribbons, these clear histology labels and the robust printout obtained are capable of resisting xylene, toluene, alcohols, acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), as well as other solvents and chemicals exposure, without the need to apply any additional protection.

XyliTRANSTM labels are made from a transparent thermoplastic material that gives them a clean, professional look. These clear chemical resistant labels allow you to label containers that might come in contact with harsh chemicals and solvents without obscuring their contents. This is also applicable to vials and microtubes, where a standard white label could completely obscure the contents of the tubes, making it hard to ascertain the volume of your sample.

Furthermore, these solvent-resistant labels are designed to perform well within a wide range of temperatures, from -80°C to +100°C. This makes them ideal for slides, vials, glass and plastic bottles and other containers that are used at ambient temperatures, or even in water baths, but will eventually be stored in laboratory freezers. The labels can also be used directly on cryo vials, cryo tubes, microtubes as well as other cryogenic and deep-freeze containers.

These xylene-resistant clear labels can be printed with all major brands of thermal transfer printers. The labels can be provided with a back slit for easy peeling, on either 1” or 3” cores. Custom printing services such as full-color logos, graphic images and barcodes are available on request.

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