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Direct thermal freezer-safe labels intended for use with automated print-and-apply systems for vials, microtubes, test tubes, freezer boxes and other containers. Waterproof and durable, the labels can withstand short and long-term storage in laboratory freezers (-20°C / -4°F, -40°C / -40°F, -80°C / -112°F), as well as storage and transportation on dry ice (-78.5°C / -109.3°F).

The automation of label application can help not only save time, but also reduce costs associated with labeling by hand. Our direct thermal freezer-grade labels for automated print-apply-systems improve consistency, reduce errors and increase productivity.

These direct thermal automation freezer labels are also fully customizable to meet any specific requirements such as company logos or special shapes and configurations. Composed of a thin thermoplastic film, the labels have a strong affinity for plastic and glass surfaces, and can be provided in an assortment of colors. Provided in roll format, the labels can be customized to be compatible with all major automated printers and labelers such as CAB and Scinomix, as well as with popular robotic prescription dispensing systems.

Please contact our scientific support team to obtain free technical advice on selecting an adequate printing system for your applications.


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