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Autoclave Inkjet Labels


Autoclave resistant labels for inkjet printers. These high-temperature resistant permanent labels are ideal for glassware, metal and plastic surfaces, surgical instruments and trays, and other items intended for use in steam autoclaves, ovens, and gamma irradiators. Our autoclave inkjet printable labels are durable, weatherproof, water-proof, and have been tested to endure up to 10 autoclave cycles* (up to 132 °C / 269.6°F, 30psi). These autoclavable labels are also resistant to spraying with ethanol, isopropanol and other alcohols. They are resistant to continuous wiping and rubbing with surface sanitizing wipes such as Sani- Wipe™, Eco-Wipe™ and Eco-Wipe™ Duo. Compatible with all major brands of inkjet printers, they allow full color text and images to be printed and are easy to format for use with our Microsoft Word free online templates. The labels are also resistant to standard ethylene oxide gas sterilization, consisting of a 60-minute exposure to 759mg/L of ethylene oxide gas, at 55°C, and 40-80% relative humidity, followed by a two-hour aeration cycle.

*Number of autoclave cycles resistance of the printed information depends on the quality of the ink used. Prior testing with intended printer/ink is strongly recommended.

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